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{"markerType": "OFFICE", "officecode": "4444", "name": "Bonanza Office", "address": "31990 HWY 70", "citystatezip": "Bonanza, OR 97624", "lat": "42.19828", "lng": "-121.401483"}
{"markerType": "OFFICE", "officecode": "KFNR", "name": "Fisher Nicholson Realty, LLC", "address": "403 Main", "citystatezip": "Klamath Falls, OR 97601", "lat": "42.2235320589675", "lng": "-121.784090995789"}
{"markerType": "OFFICE", "officecode": "3333", "name": "Running Y Resort-Fisher Nicholson Branch Office", "address": "5391 Running Y Road", "citystatezip": "Klamath Falls, OR 97601", "lat": "42.2749431343825", "lng": "-121.885744035244"}
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